1. Adding prefix to all filenames in folder
  2. Create a set of subfolders in each of multiple folders (Windows)
  3. Create an empty file from command line (Windows)
  4. Create multiple folders at once in Windows Command Prompt
  5. ELinks
  6. ELinks. Configuration
  7. ELinks. Use
  8. Extract audio from video with FFmpeg
  9. Imapsync IMAP migration under Windows
  10. Infinite loop in MPlayer
  11. Internet Explorer 3
  12. Internet Explorer 3. Screenshots
  13. Listing only filenames with DIR command
  14. Listing only files with a specific extension by DIR command
  15. Listing only folder names with DIR command
  16. Netscape 3. Screenshots
  17. Quit on Enter in MPlayer
  18. Remove all numbers from text in Notepad++
  19. Remove the first 10 characters from every line in Notepad++
  20. Remove the last 10 characters from every line in Notepad++
  21. Renaming files in Far Manager
  22. Renaming folders in Far Manager
  23. Windows console applications
  24. Windows console applications. File managers
  25. Windows console applications. Multimedia
  26. Windows console applications. Text editors
  27. Windows console applications. Web browsers